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(May 16, 2013) DJ Pete said:Great reggae shop, originally on Dalston Lane in Hackney then moved to a bigger premises on Kingsland Road. Had it all - Studio One, Treasure Isle, Black Art, Yabby You, Jackpot etc etc. Run by a quiet Rasta geezer called Lee. Badly missed.

Started going to the shop in 1984, mainly looking for the new releases from JA/US/UK on 7". After a few weeks,when he see's i'm there every week, he now says to me "Yuh nuh like oldies my yout".I said yeah. The dread played pure revives from the 60/70s to me. From then, every week for the next few years, Lee opened up my mind to the long history of reggae music. Top Man..
Colin Burrowes



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