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Mary's was the second hand shop on Broadgate near the Jolly Brewer, which later moved around the corner onto Monks Road. I don't think that was the official name of the shop, if indeed it had one at all, but the owner was named Mary. Huge Northern soul fanatic.

(July 14, 2014) Paul Martin said:Great second hand shop. No sign left as its new housing on Broadgate. Briefly moved to Monks rd, opposite college, now a cafe I believe.
Had some rare vinyl such as Kevin Ayers 'joy of a Toy' which I couldn't afford. Spent hrs in tgere with my mates. Sadly missed.

(August 30, 2015) It did have a name - and a sign! - it was the Broadgate Record Exchange, before the move to Monks Road anyway. Slightly surprised to hear Mary was into Northern Soul mainly because the only proper conversation I had with her was her recommending an album by The Enid, so assumed she was a bit of a hippie. Bought loads of stuff in there - the records I remember (and still have) though are late 70s US obscure hard rock albums by Angel and Reggie Knighton. Until the advent of eBay I had never seen the Reggie albums anywhere else and got both - a year or two apart - here. The shop on Broadgate always smelt slightly damp, which fitted the gloom perfectly. Comment: Stephen Green

NameTim Wray Comment: As Paul Martin says, this was a great record shop. As a schoolboy in the late 1970s I visited here most Saturdays, and it was great to spend time just listening to whatever was on the turntable, and looking through the singles. I still have some vinyl that I bought here - such as Frankie Beverly and the Butlers 'If that's what you wanted', 'Crystal World' by Crystal Grass. I also recall a second-hand record stall on Lincoln Market, also long gone like the Broadgate Record Exchange. (Dec 11, 2016).




Mary's Broadgate Monks Road Lincoln
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