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Name: Roger Dunford
Comment: I have nostalgia for both vinyl and for Mastersound in Haywards Heath… I used to work there so maybe it was me who sold you the single… All my vinyl has long gone (1,000+ LPs) for space reasons but all replaced by CDs as time and money has gone on… no compressed mushed up “lossless format” rubbish in this house… Just worried that one day this mp3 and similar rubbish will be forced down all our throats (or should that be into our ears?)
(18 May 2019)

Name: Linda Chambers
Comment: Loved Mastersound. I used to spend all my pocket money in there in the late 1960s and early 1970s!
(11 September 2020)


Dave Harwood
23 Feb 2024 at 04:54
I found this address in the 'Mid Sussex Times' dated 6th December 1985: “MASTERSOUND 109 SOUTH ROAD, HAYWARDS HEATH.”



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