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Max's sat on the corner of Grove Road and Terminus Rd as I remember it, just on the corner where the roundabout is in front of the library as I recall it. Think it's spot is now taken by an charity shop, that is still selling vinyl!! Only this time for 20p each. I shopped there in the 80s and probably into the 90s before it shut. Nothing major to write home about, a coverall kind of shop with a cross section of the normal fayre. Though I do remember picking up King Tubby Meets the Rockers Uptown there... Comment: Mike Murphy

Thanks to my mate Martin now in Australia for image of Max's bag. The Curator

(Mar 10, 2014) VanMan said:Max Kenny first opened in a tiny shop further along Grove Rd before moving to the larger shop. Max and his business partner Dave Trafford following the shop closure formed the record sales/promotion operation '3mv' around 1993. They grew to become a major independent promotion company used by most major and indie labels for approx' 10 years. 3mv went bust in 2004 - it was big news at the time (Music Week & Billboard).

(Mar 12, 2012) Tony May said:Max Records was another of those previously prosperous shops to be killed off by the arrival of one of the big multiples. In Max's case it was 'Our Price' who did for them when they opened a shop smack bang in the middle of town. Though the Our Price shop was small it drew many of Max's customers away and eventually damaged trade to such a degree that it was forced to close. Max was a great shop for Soul, Disco & Funk 12", Lp's and Imports and the Max sale was always worth a visit. I also remember picking up regular copies of the 'Soul On Sound' cassettes there back in the day. The big multiples and the supermarkets have a lot to answer for!

Max Records! I remember walking in and Kim Wilde was behind the counter signing copies of her latest single, ‘Cambodia’ I think. Must have been around 1981.

Dave Davidson




4 Grove Road Eastbourne

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