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At the foot of Wimbledon Hill was a very posh music shop called Maxwells - instruments, everything. Had separate listening booths.
They would put anything on for you from stock or ordered - probably from the influence of 'THE GRAMOPHONE" (mainly classical LPs reviewed but some jazz). They were very good and did not seem to mind if you didn't buy the LP you had heard! We schoolkids used it a lot! Comment: Edward Black

(Apr 17, 2013) MAXWELL'S said:There was also a branch in Clarence Street Kingston on Thames in the early/middle 1950s. Ground floor pianos and all musical instruments. sheet music etc, first floor sold 78 records. I bought some of my first jazz & blues records there. Mick Brocking

I worked upstairs in the Clarence Street, kingston on Thames shop in the mid to late '60s. As well as records (which you could listen to in the booths)They also sold record players and radios/radiograms upstairs, downstairs was pianos, accordions, violins, etc. I'll be honest... it was one of the worst places I've ever worked in! The management thought they were rather more important than the rest of us!

Irene Burton


David Burns
06 Jun 2023 at 09:36
I was a regular record buying customer at the KuT branch throughout the 1960s, and doubtless Irene would have served me at some point! My best friend Keith and I visited most Saturdays and over the years spent many happy hours listening to records in the great booths. I remember them being equipped with quite decent ‘hi fi’ type listening equipment. I remember particularly buying the Sgt Pepper album there. Happy days!
Dave Harwood
06 Nov 2023 at 09:51
I found an address for the Wimbledon branch in the 'Streatham News' dated 28th April 1944: “... Tickets from Maxwell's Music Stores, Hill Road, Wimbledon.”
… and this piece from the 'Staines & Ashford News' dated 3rd March 1950: “Notable publicity! In Maxwell's, High Street, Staines, another record achievement is the large display comprising a cut-out of a dummy gramophone record, around which are the names of each song sung in the film.” ['Jolson Sings Again' showing at the Odeon-Majestic, Staines].



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