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​FLOJO » Sat 02 Oct, 2010 9:57 am
jim wrote: Since my early record collecting days ( yes, 78s! ) I've spent a fair bit of time in record shops, starting with Barkers ( NE corner of Lands Lane and Albion Place ), and Valances when they had two shops, one on the south side of Queen Victoria Street ( Vicar Lane end ) which sold musical instruments and the other selling records in the same position on King Edward Street. Scene and Heard near the Golden Cock on Kirkgate was run by Lenny Lyons, who later had a record shop on Mill Hill. Downstairs at Scene and Heard was run by D. F. a long time acquaintance of mine, who later opened a shop at one time called Melgary Music at Nos 10/11 in the Grand Arcade. He also operated this shop under another name -which I can't for the life of me remember! They sold both new and second hand records. Later the same shop ran under yet another name under new ownership. There was a shop selling second hand records in the alley/yard which preceded Burtons Arcade run by a guy named Peter - surname forgotten. The shop mentioned earlier on the thread opposite Rawcliffes definitely existed, They had a good stock of Island and Sue label records, but I recall the shop as selling new, not second hand, stock. What I can't remember is the name! A shop at 164 Lower Briggate was a second hand operation. At various times it was called Black Vinyl and Vinyl Addiction - and may have had other names as well. I believe I have bought from every one of the shops previously mentioned on this thread, which is probably the reason I've never had much money! Jim that shop down Burtons arcade had a guy who played Sunday soccer with my late husband his name was Alan day, longish hair and a droopy moustache a bit like Peter Starstead.​




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