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(Aug 9, 2014) Anonymous said:martin Hereford .all ways worth a visit big support for pianoman great promos sad to see this gone

Absolute treasure trove in the 80's for 12" singles, masquerading as a Video Rental Store! Sadly the store is now a convenience store (I think?) and the friend's Dad that told me about the store has also passed on...
​Martyn Cain (2022)

Nick Moore

Melody House started out in the Lido Buildings, and was run by Cassie Morris in 1948. It then moved to 53 Bond Street as Ray’s Melody Inn, and then moved to Bolton Street - again called Melody House - to replace the Pot Shop. Ray’s Melody Inn also had shops in Market Street, Blackpool – with Graffiti Records on the first floor, and at 7 Market Square in Kirkham – now the Kirkham Pet Centre.


Andy Harrris
04 Dec 2023 at 09:03
I bought my first record from 'Ray's Melody Inn Kirkham 'Beastie Boy's' Market Square.



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