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( March 10, 2016) Memory Lane in Croydon was a great little shop with an amazing stock of LPs and CDs. The owner was very chatty and knowledgeable about his vinyl and his wife was in charge of the CD side of things. They moved their business to Croydon from Morden and started a friendly rivalry with nearby Beanos as to who was the best shop in Croydon. I kept the shop bag from my purchase there of a couple of John Dankworth LPs – ‘What The Dickens’ and ‘Octavius’. The sticker is from a CD box set. I felt quite sad when they shut the shop in Croydon. Dave Harwood
Sorely missed. Bought my mono copy of Sgt. Pepper there. Small cramped shop - not enough space for all the stock so you always wondered what treasures might be hidden out back. Far more friendly than the much bigger rival Beanos around the corner. Think they lasted longer than Beanos. Pity they didn't manage to survive into the current period of revival of vinyl.
Mark Carvell Mark Carvell (2018)

Great shop and nice guy. Another great Croydon record dealer was Sound Affects in The In Shops Church Road. A small unit but crammed with fantastic stock and very competitive prices. Both Beanos and Memory Lane were regular customers. Sad day when they packed it in.
Colin O'Rourke-Robinson

Image Dave Harwood




Memory Lane Records 55 Frith Road, Croydon

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