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Not a definitive history of MiPrice Records, rather a few personal accounts of my memories.

I first discovered MiPrice records circa 1986/87. Whilst listening to a radio show the dj announced that Richie Rich would be signing copies in store of his Record 'Don't Be Flash' I can still remember the awe & excitement of entering my first Hip Hop & Import record store. Hip Hop classics filled racks & B-boys crowded the counter to get a glimpse at the new vinyl being spun. All my pocket money & School dinner money was saved in order to buy as many £4.99 imports as possible. A fair amount of money for a school kid but suffice to say that hunger was preferable to missing out on my hip hop fix. I vividly remember my excitement and anticipation of waiting for the shop to open so i could be the first person to buy The Beastie Boys 'Licensed to Ill' lp & again with MC Shan's 'Down By Law' lp. In fact, on countless Saturday mornings i'd be the first & last customer in & out of MiPrice, scared that i'd lose out on the new imports if i was even 5 minutes late. As time went by & music trends changed Mi Price started to cater for the ever growing House music crowd & scene. I went from buying roughly 10 Hip Hop 12's a week to 9 & 1 House Record, then it was 8 Hip Hop to 2 House & so on & so on. I continued to buy a mixture of Hip Hop & House until that dreadful day when i arrived, as usual, before opening time, only to find the store closed & never to open again. A wonderful shop & magical experience during my early Hip Hop & House music years. (Mar 26, 2012) Scott Bowman (DJ WAX WIZARD) said:




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