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I went to Chorlton Grammar School between 1954 & 1960 and this was our 'local' record shop!! You could just get down there, browse for 20 mins and get back to school, in the dinner-hour. It was on Wilbraham Rd, on the 'even' side, about 100 yards from the Barlow Moor Rd junction, towards Stretford!! I know it was even, as it was just down from DJ Roger Eagle's flat, at 540) Like many shops then, they never removed stock, so I was still popping in to re-visit some remembered gem, even after I started work in Manchester in 1961 - two I remember were the London Lloyd Price (Specialty) LP, which had been in there since its issue; and a Shaky Jake LP on Bluesville, after I saw him on the first American Folk Blues Festival in late 1962!! Good to see that they are remembered.......Brian Smith




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