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I found an advert for 'Modern Record Service' at 71 Seaside Road, Eastbourne, East Sussex and an advertorial with an extra address at 4 Grove Road, Eastbourne:

Advert in the 'Eastbourne Herald' dated 11th February 1956:

“T.V., F.M., RECORDS, HI-FI. Come to see MODERN TECHNICAL SERVICES new Showrooms at 71 SEASIDE ROAD Tel. 2263 together with the MODERN RECORD SERVICE for all tastes in music. Specialists in Long Playing & Classical Recordings. TAPE RECORDERS, RECORD PLAYERS.”

Advertorial in the 'Eastbourne Herald' dated 23rd August 1958:

“SELF-SERVICE RECORD DEPARTMENT. Over 2 years ago we opened the self-service record department on the South Coast at 71 Seaside Road, Eastbourne. This leisurely and modern method of selecting your records has now been extended to 4 Grove Road, and whether your taste be classical or popular, you will find experts to advise you. Modern Record Service, 71 Seaside Road, and 4 Grove Road, Eastbourne.”

Dave Harwood/




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