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Anyone remember Moondogs Record Store in East Ham, London, it was run by a Roger Ford, who wrote the sleeve notes for a Johnny Burnette album. Is it the same Roger Ford who posts messages on this site, he seems knowledgable about music.

Anyone out there who also went to a shop in the King's Road, Chelsea, run by Malcolm Maclaren and Vivienne Westwood. It was called Let It Rock, and sold Drape suits, and other 50s type clothing as well as
rock 'n' roll memoribilia. They changed the name to Too Fast to Live, Too Young to Die, before unexpectedly closing the shop. After which Maclaren went into punk rock.

I knew Paul who owned Moondogs for quite a few years. The shop was small but he carried a large stock of mainly repro Rockin' 45's. Paul would go out to Austin Texas for record fairs at times. I had a large Buddy Holly collection that I sold to him. Paul moved on (I am not sure where he went) and the property then became the Elvis shop. Moondogs were a real Alladins cave for people who loved and collected 50's music. Rave On !...Ian

Moondogs was on East Ham High Street but I don't think he opened until the early 70. s, I tended to go into the junk, electrical shops in the main thing, I wasn't like paying 10/- for a single then unless it was a real big was hard getting more than £1 for anything in 1968 especially in Manchester. I think about that trip to London the most I would pay was 2/6d.,unless it was new import release from Record Corner or Soul City. I become friends with the guy in Moondogs can't remember is the name though nice guy he was. Cheers Brian

Paul Sanford moved on around 1983 or so,then the shop was taken over for a short period by Rex Inge(Rex's Rockin' Records).Shortly after that it was taken over by Barney Koumis & it stayed opn as Moondogs until around 1986/'87.
Nick Martin

(Nov 15, 2014) LYNNE BRODIE said:Great record shop.
Hot on Doo Wop 45s. Spent many an hour sorting through all the stock.
Paul Sanford was a nice guy.

(Sept 23, 2013) pete dickerson (vintage record centre) said:If I remember rightly Moondogs opened early october 1972 (2 weeks before us).Originally run by paul sanford/roger ford and john stainz

(August 10, 2015) When the shop closed in the 80s, John moved to Austin, Texas where he still lives, Roger became a cab driver in Thurrock, Essex and Paul sold records from his home in Chadwell Heath. Paul now lives in Somerset where he stills sales records and he visits John a couple of times a year in the States. Comment: Chris Louis.

(November 6, 2015) Anyone remember the FED and REB series of EP's?I had everyone of each, god knows what happened to them. Used to go there every Saturday, then Fisher's Shoes in Barking where they sold Ted and Rockabilly gear. There was a good scene in that area, think it started to fall apart about '82? probably a lot to do with places like the Duke of Wellington calling it quits with the Rock n Roll nights. Comment: Dion Penman.

Name Kelvin Page Comment: I remember this record shop in east ham fondly,To be honest i couldnt remember the shops name but the name moondogs does sound familiar though. I was in there every saturday, buying my fix of jazz funk and soul latests to hit the turntables.This shop, is where i bought my very first inport album mass production - inner city groove. The guy that ran again cant remember any names was a really nice fella always helpful what a great shop it was :-) ( Oct 16, 2016).

Name KM S Comment: I used to visit Moondogs record store quite often during the 70s and early 80s. It was located in East Ham High Street, E12 (which actually placed it in Manor Park). I bought quite a lot of old rock 'n' roll and rockabilly records there - many of which I still have! It later became "The Elvis Shop", selling exclusively Elvis records and other memorabilia. (Dec 16, 2016).

Name John Gould Comment: I remember pumping iron with Paul in London and would like to be in touch again. I am now living in Calgary (Canada) (June 11, 2017)

Hi I used to go to Moondogs in the 70s/80s.There was a guy who used to serve there called Rebel Ed..
Lovely Guy
Do you know what happened to him
Best Wishes
David Francis

Back in the late 60's me an my pal Rex would creep around Club Row market every Sunday morning searching od Rocking goodies. After a morning searching until midday, we then went to the Black Raven pub, near Liverpool St station, where we would meet with several R'n'R record collectors, where we would swap an sell. Regulars there on Sundsy were, Liam Clooney and Roger 'HotRock' Ford who with his partner first opened up Moondogs, good days, memorable part of my life.
Roger Gizzi

MOONDOGS !...My friends and a i were all into the rockabilly scene late 70s-80s and living in the eastham/forest gate area , many a saturday was spent hanging around the high street picking up some vinyl from moondogs ,grabbing a snack at Annas cafe then heading off to the duke of wellington for the evening , golden times for sure
john m

I remember going to Moondogs every weekend with my friend Charlie.
We used to always ask for the Elvis box that was behind the counter.The guy working there at the time was a teddy boy called Rebel Ed.. Does anybody know what happened to Ed
David Francis

MOONDOGS opened in East Ham High St in late July / early August 1971, just a few weeks before
I opened ROCK ON RECORDS at 93 Golborne Road [at the top of Portobello Road]on 24th August 1971.
I used to buy import rock'n'roll 45s from Moondogs. The guys used to go to the USA to buy deleted 7"s
from warehouses around Philadelphia. They had Chuck Berry Chess EPs. I bought a copy of 'Look Out Mabel' for £3 in 1971.

I used to go there every 2 week and buy loads of Rockabilly, Rhythm & blues 45's & reissue lps when Rex, Barney Koumis, Jesse Birdsall, Herbie & Malcolm Chapman worked here. Great shop, I believe I first went there when Paul Sandford was running it to get my Elvis Rockin' Rebel bootleg lps.
Nick Martin

Dave Penny is getting an article done for Now Dig This and I am giving him all the information I can remember about Moondogs. I remember most of the Guys and Gals who have submitted and would appreciate anyone who has more information on the shop to let me know, so I can pass it on. Especially would like to reconnect with John Gould in Calgary Canada.
Paul Sandford

McHugh who was living over in Hornchurch took us to Moondogs where I bought a copy of Barbara Mercer Hey for about 50p ( I remember they had a copy stuck up on the wall) manus

I was actually Moondogs' very first customer - I found the shop, by accident, while doing my regular midweek East End junkshopping on the day it opened and I was the first person, other than Paul and his partners John Stainze and Roger Ford, to walk though the doors.

I can even remember what record I bought - Lee Dorsey "Lover Of Love". I paid £2.50 for it - NOT (Sorry Manus, couldn't resist...) Actually it was probably just the 50 pence that I paid...

As well as Paul, John Stainze is still around and still buying and selling records as a sideline to his day job as an official greeter at the airport in Austin, Tx. Roger Ford also moved to America and dropped out of sight years ago, John told me he had a very edgy conversation with him around the turn of the century but that neither he nor Paul have had anything else to do with him since Moondog's closed. TONY ROUNCE

25 Jun 2023 at 07:46
Moondogs was a great place. When i was first into the scene and starting my record collection this was a place where most of my pocket money went. Further education came when Cavan had 'my little sisters got a motorbike' in the charts. I tried to get the single from Moondogs but that was not their thing, i was show an album with it on 'our own way of rockin'.... bought that and got hooked on CC&TRR. Also bought 'planet of the drapes' money left again but still have them...
Billy wells
13 Jan 2024 at 12:24
My recently departed dad, Brian Wells,was a big. Silent,part of moondog records. I remember as a kid his trips to the States to get records to bootleg in the shop whilst I sat in the escort van as shown in picture which was taken around late 70's with our German shepherd Karl, at St egberts estate.
Robert Hooper
26 Mar 2024 at 09:56
Moondogs was not, not, not, not in East Ham! It was on High Street North, Manor Park. I happen to know this because I lived two doors away.

Loved that shop - loved growing up in Manor Park!
15 May 2024 at 05:07
Moondogs was the record store to go to. Found it late 70s still have the records I bought there.I was lucky as lived in East Ham. You could get anything there. Fantastic memories.
Callebaut Jeff (DJ) and Paulus (his brother)
17 May 2024 at 06:31
Hi, we are Belgian DJs and record collectors. We used to go there in the seventies to buy Belgian popcorn-style records. A lot of record finds have helped us to define the particular popcorn style (see on YouTube dancing Popcorn in Vrasene, The Champou in Wichelen, Versailles in Ostend). Nice shop and friendly owner. Regards, Paulus.



400 High Street, North Manor Park E12 Manor Park / London
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