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In the late 60s/early 70s I would pay monthly visits to a record shop of sorts in Blackhorse Road, Walthamstow named Moxons. They seemed to specialise in obscure or deleted blues, jazz and dance band (for want of a better term) 78s, 45s, EPs and LPs. My recollection of it was as a sort of "bric-a-brac" shop. Comment: Alan Balfour

( December 13, 2015) Moxons used to be on Forest Road, nearer to Hoe St than Blackhouse Rd.
Early 60's I'd spend ages lookong through his second-hand stuff for Buddy Holly. Other places were Fosters on the High St a couple of doors from Willow Walk, and a market stall between Manze's and Rossi's (or was it Toni's) ice-cream shop in the High St.Then there was Petticoat Lane, but that's another story! Comment: Tony Barrett.

( March 11, 2016) Great shop was Moxons. I visited when in Forest road in the 1960s. Great jazz and blues records. You used to take your old LPs in and he would pay you 12 shillings [60p), after telling you every reason why on earth he couldnt sell it, then you could buy a `new` secondhand one for a pound. Great arrangement so you got to own loads of different music. He was a great bloke. He also did a similiar arrangement with musical instruments. Comment: Richard [Sam] Simmonds.

Name Brian Phipps Comment: I used to to spend hours searching for obscure jazz LPs for Charlie Watts in the early to mid sixties. He was a great collector and my then boss, John George, was a close mate of his and Ian Stewart (the unseen Stone). Happy days! (May 19, 2017)

Yes ! A great shop!
I would cycle here from Tottenham with my friends Rodney and John and we would buy 78's at 2 shillings or a little more and load them carefully into our saddlebags. That was in 1953/4/5
There would be separate shelves labelled with brown gummed paper-"Kid Ory 1/6d" "Jelly Roll Morton 2/-"etc Now I have them on CDs. He sold fishing rods as well as musical instruments! What a gem!! (entry 31/12/20)
Alan Manning

On a pedantic note, his name was Moxom, 2 emms as I recall. Bought loads of stuff there, lps mostly, then some drum bits and bobs. Lovely guy, knew all about what he sold.
Andrew Dawson

I too knew it as Moxoms. In the early 60's it was the main shop for any blues and some very rare jazz records. The reason the lovely guy Moxom had such a selection was that he used to get GI's stationed in the UK bringing in their vinyl to supplement their wages. This was by far and away the best place to find a superb collection of discs. Many very rare discs. When I went there most LP's we're priced at 12shillings and 6pence unless it was a very special disc. Also often in the store you could bump into visiting jazz musicians on tour. Roland Kirk and I think Ornette Coleman and Moxom told me he sold Lonnie Donegan his first guitar. a true gem.
mike francis

I remember going there in 1950s - walked past musical instruments to a small back room with shelves of 78 rpm records, and unusually, 10” LPs. Browsers were never hurried and left to rummage while Moxon dealt with proper customers for the instruments - spotted Jonny Dankworth once! Moxon was a local hero to us and now days is likely to have an internet sensation. Still have a lot of records I bought there.
Doug Kemp


Andy Imms
01 Feb 2024 at 04:23
I remember the shop window had lots of fishing gear and air weapons in it, then as you went through the shop into the back room, the wall on the right was floor to ceiling pigeon holes full of albums and behind the counter on the left were 78s. I was heavily into country blues back in the 60s and I found an album by Snooks Eaglin, who I had never heard of back then but it sent my interest in a whole new direction. Where on earth did all the stock come from?? There was some pretty obscure stuff in that little hidden gem of a shop. Well worth the trip I made by two or more buses from Loughton. It's a long time ago now and I wish I could remember how I found out about the shop because it was not exactly in my neck of the woods. I was also amazed when I googled the name, to find out that others shared great memories of the shop.
They don't make 'em like that any more, more's the pity!!
Andy Imms


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