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It was always a most interesting shop with the windows full of musical instruments, covers of LP records of both popular and classical music and also sheet music. Inside the shop there was also a lot more to see and, at the counter, there was a vast collection of "78" playing records containing all the latest line of pop music.I remember going to the shop also for music exams, when I was about eight or nine.

For anybody learning to play the piano, there was a periodic testing, whereby you had to pay for an examiner, and were awarded grades.Maybe I imagined myself playing for large audiences one day...or maybe I had been listening too much to "Sparky's Magic Piano," which was popular in the late 40s and early 50s. Then there was Mr Backhouse himself..a very nice, friendly man with a hearty and distinctive laug

Also, at Backhouse's. which I remember being slightly musty, I bought my very first single record You don't have to be a baby to cry by a girl duo called "The Caravelles."



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