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( feb 22, 2016) This is a new style of record shop that seem to have sprung up over the past few years. What I would call a 'boutique selection'. Nicely presented records... but quite high prices and not an enormous quantity. Also sells books and CDs. There's a new shop in Eastbourne with a similar vibe. I hope they both do well. Comment: Michael Bradshaw.

Name Tony May Comment:To update Michael's comment, I was in Music's Not Dead last month and was amazed to see how much vinyl they now have in the shop. When they first started doing records they only had a very small section but now the browser runs down the length of the side of the shop as you walk in. Modern vinyl Lp's certainly aren't cheap but I doubt you will find a better selection now this side of Brighton. (March 2, 2017)

Dave Lemon


Shop has closed. Pop up shop appears in adverts for The Delaware Pavilion.




Music's Not Dead Bexhill-on-sea

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