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In fact I bought quite a few singles here in the early 60's ..... I seem to remember a father and daughter running the shop then. Comment Mike Bondy

(Feb 27, 2014) Mike Bondy said:I bought my very first record in this shop in February 1955 ( I was 8 years old ) ..... We lived at 77 Dollis Hill Lane, NW2 in those days..... I'd had a birthday request played on Uncle Mac's Children's Favourites ( BBC Light Programme ) that Saturday morning ... and my Dad was so amazed, and pleased, that he walked me down to this local shop and bought me the record I'd requested which was ..... ' The Runaway Train ' by Vernon Dalhart ... a 78rpm disc on the Regal Zonophone Label .... which I still have intact to this day .....

I lived in Neasden from 1954 until the 1970s. I or my family bought so many records from this shop. Always great to deal with and ordered loads of records for me.

Ingrid Morgan




258 Neasden Lane, Neasden,

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