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This was Nicholson's Music Centre, 8 Paliament Street Harrogate. It was a classical record shop with a musical instrument section upstairs. I worked there between 1968 and 1973. The owner was Joseph Henry Harper Nicholson, himself and accomplished pianist.He bought the business from Bernard Dean who had a shop in Scarborough. The business was initially on Montpellier Parade and moved to Parlianent Street in the early sixties. It eventually closed when Joe retired and Terri Connors bought the business and set up Adagio Records in Westminster Arcade. Comment: Dave Dempsey.

Best time of my life...working there from 1952 till my family stupidly sold our Hotel Inverclyde and moved to London...ugggh.
Joe was a great pal...not boss..and the young lass who worked there too...GREAT TIMES...
Ian Hines




8 Paliament Street Harrogate / North Yorkshire
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