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Name: Gerry Vinyl.
Comment: A bit different to your average record shop. Instead of flicking through records you looked at printed lists of what they had, made your selection, and they would produce it from a storeroom at the back. There were loads of long-deleted 7" singles there with some real gems to be had if you had the patience to pore through their endless lists.
(8 August 2015)


Dave Harwood
14 Nov 2023 at 11:28
I found this advert in the 'Edinburgh Evening News' dated 9th July 1982: “THE OLDIES MUSEUM: Top 100 LPs £3.99 (excluding TV and double-albums), Top 10 singles 99p. 3a West Maitland Street: 228 35240.”
… and this comment in 'The Scotsman' dated 1st June 1996: “Grant McKeeman, of The Oldies Museum record store, said: “A ban would destroy our business completely. People drive from all over Scotland to this shop.”



3a West Maitland Street EH12 5DS Edinburgh / Scotland
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