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Founded in 1979, store owner Raymond Bird jumped on the punk wave while working at the nearby clothing shop Happy Trails.

After gaining the business know-how from his time at Happy Trails, Raymond grabbed two record stands and set up shop in his own store - One Up.

According to Raymond’s close friend Fin Hall, the owner didn’t see himself running the business forever - and told Fin that he would only be doing this until he was 30.

The record shop was growing in popularity, and a second shop was opened on George Street.

Raymond told his friends he would only keep the business going until he was 40.

When the business finally closed in 2013, Raymond was 60 years old.

One Up was Aberdeen’s only independent record shop - though music snobbery was not welcome in its walls.

The business claimed the “funky but friendly” staff would cheerfully help you find a Robbie Williams record.

I’m sure they were keeping some judgement to themselves.

The shelves of One Up were stacked with vinyls, and over the years grew to include CDs, posters, and signed memorabilia.

The shop became known for welcoming local musicians as well as bigger bands, who would often drop in to play a free set in the afternoon.

Local music enthusiast Mark Petrie recalled the store with fond - albeit realistic - memories.

He said: "It was the only place to get the records I wanted to hear as a teenager.

"It smelled bad, was far too small and cluttered, but I could stay there for days.

"It was never the same after it moved to a bigger space and Fopp opened nearby."


Dave Harwood
21 Aug 2023 at 06:34
One Up moved to Diamond Street before they moved to larger premises in Belmont Street. I searched the British Newspaper Archive for each address and came up with this rough timeline:
One-Up Records, 75 Rosemount Viaduct, Aberdeen (March 1975 - August 1986)
One-Up Records, 299 George Street, Aberdeen (May 1985 - August 1986)
One-Up Records, 4 Diamond Street, Aberdeen. Tel: 642662. (August 1988 – July 1997)
One-Up Records, 75 Belmont Street, Aberdeen (July 1995 – January 2013)
Dave Harwood
21 Aug 2023 at 06:46
There is an interesting article about One Up, by Fin Hall, in 'Aberdeen Voice' at this link:
Taras Young
01 Sep 2023 at 01:50
Spent many happy hours browsing the stock in 1Up circa 1996-2002. In that period, upstairs was mostly CDs and downstairs was mostly vinyl.

Always had a well-stocked second-hand CD section. At one point around 2000 said rack had every Blur single for £2 a pop, which as a fan I gradually hoovered up.

In later years as I got into electronic music I migrated downstairs, an area in which the gaze of the staff always felt slightly more judgemental, in line with all good vinyl sections. Always a great selection.



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