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(Aug 29, 2013) Anonymous said:I still have this bag . the soul imports in the 70,s were so good . i loved and spent most of my spare time here, i was introduced to wattstax ,bowie, was agreat meeting place .and you felt so good when you ordered an album, and walked out with it under your arm dying to get home to greatest memories are in music, N S.

(Mar 19, 2013) Anonymous said:If this the Osbournes that was in Parsons Street, Banbury then I have very fond memories! Saturday afternoons 70's listening to latest vinyl on huge headphones in the little booths! You could spend ages in here before staff realised you weren't buying, just killing time. David Bowie, Marc Bolan, Rollers, Dooleys, Sweet, Slade, Suzi Q - I could go on and on. Happy Days!!

Went out with lad who worked upstairs his name was Chris I worked in Dillions up the road and we would go for a drink in flying horse after work Loved Osbourns 1970s best era ever .Oh to be young again
Anonymous Lady

Omg what a shop this was in the 70s it had a fantastic smell of well records !!! The picture of the bag from previous user brought back so many memories rock on !!!!!
Mick Compton




4 & 57 Parsons Street, Banbury

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