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(Apr 1, 2012) Tony May said:I was never a lover of the 'Our Price' chain. After losing my job at Stylus (redundant) I went for a job with 'Our Price' but was unsuccessful. Now, in those days, I could pretty much quote catalogue numbers at you so I should have been a good catch. Anyway, was subsequently told that I didn't get the job because 'Our Price' liked to train people in the way THEY did things from scratch. Fair enough I thought but then why did they always seem to hire people with little or no musical knowledge! I famously found the group 'Body Count' filed under 'Soul' in the Ashford shop and when I politely went to the counter to tell them about it (having worked in a Record Shop I know how annoying it is when the sleeve goes missing or something gets mis-filed) only to be told that it should be there! "Ice T is in the band I was 'informed'. The fact that Ice T is to soul what Lemmy Kilmister is to Reggae seemed to pass the assistant by! Oh, and don't start me off on their idea of 'white label remixes' either - they never even knew about the numbers scratched into the vinyl near the middle ENY 151T is NOT a remix! HA HA




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