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Everybody knew Our Price as the place to buy your singles and albums from years ago. Watford had two stores in the town centre, one up the top end of town and the other in the Harlequin centre. St. Albans' Our Price was on two floors but not that welcoming, from what I rememeber and always quite expensive!

(May 2, 2013) JohnW said:I My take on Our Price in Watford goes back a little further than this. As I recall, it's first foray into Watford High Street was as a concession inside a clothes shop about where Maplins is now. I distictly recall buying Jane Aire's album there so it must have been late 1979 or 1980. That shop only seemed to last a few months and the one at the top of the high street opened and another one (almost next door to Woolworths) opened around the same time. Next door to the one at the top of the high street there was an empty unit that opened as a bargain bin store a few times where all the remaindered albums went. Then I moved just before the Harlequin opened and lost track.

Chris Brick - Welwyn Garden City Manager --Wendy Hutchinson-St Albans-
I recall Our price taking over Harlequin-In Watford there was Musicland and Harlequin and think they both became Our Price- Then at Watford a new huge shop near Woolworths in the High street and the Clinical upmarket look appeared and the cratedigging Harlequins were gone
ian jakeman
There were at least two Our Prices open at the same time in Watford in the early 1980s. One was near the old cinema - at the Parade end of the high street, and the other was located at the other end, closer to where the entrance of the Harlequin center is. Their branch in Hemel Hempstead was in the Marlowes center.
Name Andy King (2022)

Paul McGuigan

Peter Bennell Smith originally Stricklands who were taken over by Soho Records who were taken over by Harlequin Records. I worked for each if those incarnations

John Coughlan

Used to take turns whenever there was a new person behind the till to ask them if they had the latest release from MUD ‘TICKLE ME’ on the Front Side, and when they could not find it try to help them by saying ‘You Know? KISS ME on the Backside

Robert Longer

Our Price used to be great before security tags and store detectives, there was hardly anyone in there after they bought in these draconian eventually led to their downfall 😆

Tim Constable

Spent my life in that shop. We begged them to give us the full size card board cut-out of Fish from Marillion when they had done with it.

Matthew Sutton

St.Albans, Bought Prodigy's The Fat of the Land album from there at 8am before school when they opened early specially. Lots of my pocket money spent there!





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