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(Nov 21, 2012) Jimmy said:
Spent many a happy hour buying 2nd hand vinyl. Great place.

(March 13, 2015) Spent half my life and half my income in that shop and loved it, still have 100+ albums, far far better than C.D.s. Kris Needs, where are you now? Comment: Pete Grimshaw.

( March 13, 2015) The Star of Friars Square... Good old Bill (Past 2012)... walking through that door was an education, our portal into the music world...No Internet, No You tube, No iTunes, No spotify msuic was something you learned and earned as some of it needed saving up for because you actually got to touch it....
Now they call us music snobs and THANKS BILL I'm proud to be one. What a teacher, and oh how I would love to walk through that door again. God bless you all, we stand on the shoulders of giants. Comment: Andrew Forrest

Oven Ready was a broad church in a narrow shop, chockablock with treasure and excellent taste. Cheers guys.

Paul Maudeeb

Bought so many good records via their mail order! Lots of 60s english stuff. Great to see a picture of the shop as I only got in touch with them via telephone or mail !
Luca Sartor




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