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I dug out the 1970 Strawbs LP 'Antiques&Curios' for the first time in years and forgot that it had a nice record shop stamp on the white inner sleeve- 'Parlour Sounds' at 47 Church St.Twickenham.(not that far from where The Strawbs came from) Parlour Sounds seems to have been a typical hippy record shop of the time-it also sold tickets for rock gigs-I found a mention of it on the internet regarding a John Martyn concert in the early 70's. 47 Church St. is now a traditional-styled sweet shop.

Name liz evans Comment: I had a Saturday job in Parlour Sounds when it first opened back in the early 70's. It was (for me), a hippy 6th form schoolgirl, one of the best possible places to work in Twickenham. It was owned by a guy called Ray something who I remember used to love playing America's - Horse with no Name, all the time, which I loathed! Needless to say I was eventually 'let go'. Musical differences!! (Dec 9, 2016)

The guy who owned Parlour Sounds was actually called Geoff.
Geoff Dadswell




Parlour Sounds

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