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Past & Present Records


Great record shop for new releases run by John and Mick with a second shop just round the corner that stocked second hand singles and albums. Got all my Phil Spector International singles and lp's from here in the 1970's. Comment: Barry Green.
(April 25,2015) I loved Past & Present Records. I lived just across the road in a flat above a shop on the St Albans Road. I bought a whole stack of great records there in the mid to late 1970s when I was a teenager and Mick and John were always very good to me. Comment:
Ian Marshall.

( June 9, 2015)I loved Past & Present. I bought all my vinyl there in the early 90s. Always feel nostalgic when I see the old price tickets on my LPs. Comment: Sara Taylor.

Spent far too much in Past & Present - oh to have the opportunity of spending an afternoon in the 2nd hand shop now! P & P supplied me with a significant amount of my late 80's - mid 90's Americana CD collection - I specifically remembering hearing new releases from Counting Crows, Uncle Tupelo, Wilco & Son Volt within those walls - hardly the sounds of St Albans Road!
Chris Day




Past & Present Records St Albans Road Watford

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