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Name: Mike Wilks
Comment: Got some great 45s unearthed on my travels! Paul Gibbs Records in Cardiff was unearthed by Ady Pountain, and when he mentioned to me that he'd picked up a few pieces from the 'salesbox' on the counter... I visited said place and secured a few Bell's Cellar of Soul LPs that were on display, but the guy (Paul Gibbs) wasn't really interested in entertaining record 'hounds', so my ploy was to phone him, and inform him that I was interested in buying vinyl in bulk, if I could look at his stock! Hey presto, I spent my days off for several weeks in there, and secured many of the TMG EPs/45s/LPs, along with many other more obscure items on Soul City/Verve/Capitol/Stateside etc... but if I'd known then what I know now... I could possibly be comfortably retrired, as the popstock, in particularly the EPs were phenomenal... Alas! I was just a soul fan... and very naive in the art of anything else other than adding to my own collection, as well as not having the funds to speculate, so to speak.




44 Clifton Street CF24 1LS Cardiff / Wales
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