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Kirsty Young Interview with Morrissey
Kirsty: “Morrissey, tell me about Paul Marsh’s record shop?”

Morrissey: “Is that really a serious question? Good grief, yes. Well, any education that I now presently have was gained at this record shop in Moss Side in Manchester in the sixties, where I was raised. I was fascinated by this little record shop with wooden floorboards exposed, with sawdust on the floor. And I would go there as often as I could as a five-year-old, six-year-old. And I would simply stand and examine everything, and read everything.”
Kirsty: “What did you like about it?
Morrissey: “I was completely entranced by the song, recorded song, and the emotion that came from people singing. I found it so beautiful and the recorded noise, the recorded song, I thought was the most powerful, beautiful thing. And I still believe that.”

Hi hope all is well is Paul Marsh still going?
Mikey Ram
Built up my soul collection in his shop on Alexandra Rd in the mid-sixties.
Jack Pettersen



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