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Basically realised I loved Trance around 1994 and still into it all especially Psy Trance (at least for going out) , plus Acid Techno, Deep house Acid Trance, Hard trance and even some good hard house (unlucky for some as below) . Loved Choci’s Chewns, Kinetic nr Portland Street and the Pendragon record shop in Coldharbour lane. We used to go to Escape to Samsara at the fridge on a Friday night then the after party at the Fridge Bar till 11am and then firstly to the Prince of Wales then an after party at the Railton Road and when they stopped doing that LOGIC at the George the IV Brixton Hill.

However, we always stopped off at the Pendragon record shop to buy some tunes. The cool thing at Pendragon was that a few of the DJ’s who had played the night before like Beamish, Psy Nrg, Oberon, Juno and Mark Sinclair would be behind the jump. I’d stopped going Rangers in those days as I was so angry with the way football was heading and Thompson not capitalising on it but even after 10 pills still thought Houston and Harford were absolute cnts. BrixtonR



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