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Started in the mid-80s and continued until about five years ago. Plenty of cheap second-hand vinyl even up to the end. Closed when the owner decided that he wanted to go back to Uni to get a history degree.

(June 18, 2012) Alun Hughes said:This was started in December 1982 by 4 partners. I was one of them. We ran the shop (as well as opening branches in other towns like Rhyl) for over 20 years until October 2005

​What was the name of beautiful girl working there long dark hair late eighties
John Hollick

"Bought my first tapes at Phase One in Rhyl. Def Leppard Hysteria!"

Mike Gwynne, added: "Bought my first lottery tickets from there (illegally)"

It was not just records, tapes and CDs, videos were also a big attraction.

It was the place to meet and as many as 3,000 people trod its floors each week.

“We didn’t make much money,” owner Alun Hughes later said, “but it was just brilliant.”

Arenig said on Twitter: "I remember Phase One, a great shop. I think I sold them more records than I bought."

Model of the shop


Dave Harwood
16 Nov 2023 at 03:45
I found this address in the 'North Wales Weekly News' dated 23rd May 1991: “Phase One Records, Sussex Street, Rhyl.”
… and this classified advert in the 'Abergele & Pensarn Visitor' dated 22nd June 1995: “PHASE ONE RECORDS Rhyl require a Full Time SALES ASSISTANT. Apply with CV and references to: Mrs Catherine Jones, Phase One Records, Sussex Street, Rhyl.”


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