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One of the reasons that Keith Jefferson, 63, made such a success of Pink Panther Records was his life-long passion for music of all genres. Already one of the Globe Lane store’s best customers, he took it over in 1987. He ran it until 2003, by which time the shop was in Chapel Street, and had built up an excellent reputation based largely on Mr Jefferson’s knowledge of music, and his willingness to help. It was all part of the pattern of a life which had music running through it. Pink Panther Records became an institution, popular with music-lovers for its large selection of vinyl, specialist works, and concert tickets in support of Cumbrian bands. What many probably didn’t know was that he was a good friend of the musicians who later became the legendary heavy rock band Black Sabbath when they were known as Mythology and then Earth. He spent time with them in Germany. Keith had a passion for music of all types,” said his widow Sheila. “He did various jobs, and for a long time, ran Keef’s Hotrod Disco. “He did that until he went into running Pink Panther Records. He really turned it around and loved being there. Keith loved all sorts of music, had a lot of knowledge. It was never too much trouble for him to look something up for a customer. Keith Jefferson Audio link.

Used to talk to him every monday when I worked at Pacific imports and big life. My best customer. He was so interesting. Is the shop still open. Hmv here is closing. I've been living in blackpool now for years. So sorry he died. So young. Good tache though. I had cancer 6 years ago but scraped thru. Not sure how he departed. Best wishes. Thea gunton xxx
Thea Ginton

Top man so lovely. Came thru your way yesterday and stopped outside pink panther address. Said a prayer. Think he would laugh. I was always his irritating cockney gal. Monday evenings 5.30 we would chat and sell records. Sometimes john peel would chip in.

Hey had a moment. Miss Keith and the 5.30 Monday chat to buy and selL. Kept Carlisle in the ORB.
Miss Pink Panther xxxx
thea gunton


Thea Gunton
06 Jun 2023 at 07:45
I know he has gone but miss him. So much. 5.30 every Monday and Thursday buying my imports. Pacific good Times. I'd set my watch by u. Miss u honey. I wish he was here. Best man gone I really really miss him xxx sorry u and Paul o'grady has upset me so much Great memories though! I still really miss him. He was top bloke. Xx
Bryan Jefferson
06 Jun 2023 at 10:39
Just stumbled across this site and had to search for Pink Panther. I remember exactly what I ordered from Keith, but then he was my brother! He took my order and posted the stuff to Newcastle for me. The orders were a Yes EP with 'Owner of a Lonely Heart' and a 7 inch single of 'Licence to Kill' by Gladys Knight.
Great days when Keith kept music lovers well catered for in Carlisle and beyond.
25 Oct 2023 at 11:15
Brilliant. Sorry only just seen this. Your brother was great. Miss hanging out in record shops. Not around much now. Good memories of Keith. I loved chatting to him. Kind regards and best wishes Thea x
Dave Harwood
16 Nov 2023 at 07:49
I found this listing in the 'Dumfries & Galloway Standard' dated 5th December 1986: “... available from Pink Panther Records, Rosemary Lane, Carlisle.”


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