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Plastic Factory - at the far end of Corporation Street their entire basement floor was given to unsorted second hand vinyl. An absolute dream for collectors like me and my buddy Chris. Got a pristine copy of Watts Stax here. Comment Virgil Hilts.
Yes, Plastic Factory moved from Walsall to Birmingham (just along from the law courts IIRC). I think it was run by a guy named Alan and ?? (Mark maybe, possibly Phil..?) I used to buy a lot of stuff there. Prog and psych was their speciality. Comment: Tim Williams

Mark was the other owner. Shop floor was staffed by a number of folk, led by Derek. PF was a big deal for me: firstly when Mitch (who worked there) introduced me to a bunch of stuff that changed my life and secondly when Mitch left as I replaced him for 9 happy, deeply educational months with Al and Mark (and Tina).
Michael Snodden

yes,Alan was the guy who runs the store.
The basement was full of collectors items.
Does it still exist? i can't find the official web site.

Hi, the main person who owned this shop was Mark Cook - Stevenson and the co owner was Alan or Alun Pearce. Alun came from Walsall. Mark had previously run his business by sending out fantastic mail order lists /booklets which had superb rarities and a small auction section. Mark had a great eye for a rarity before everyone with a record collector book was an instant expert. Golden days.
Paul Cleugh

So the guy who ran the shops dad was probably one of the coolest teachers ever.
Josephina Roberts

(Apr 8, 2013) Mark H said:One of the partners at the Plastic Facotry at the end of steelhouse lane in Birmingham late 80's early 90's had a black country accent. Possible link?

Jim Smith

Steve Porter Once you became a bit of a regular, you’d be given a cup of tea and invited to look at the special stuff in the basement, mainly US psych and weird folk/sunshine pop, my fave shop in the 90’s

Paul Welsh

Certainly did. Emerged with the Magic Mushroom Band’s packaging masterpiece Process of Illumination

James Kennedy

Started going in 1996 - picked up some fab stuff including a 7” of King Missile’s Detachable Penis. Always liked the little notes/reviews on the records - Aphex Twin’s Girl/Boy EP came with the intriguing “He’d like some milk from the milkmans wife’s tits! You understand when you buy it.”

Should have really bought the copy of Metal Box they had for £25 once but I had started going out on a Saturday evening and my record money was being replaced by beer tokens…

Jim Smith

James Kennedy Yeah I loved the descriptions. Bought Spiderland based on their description as well as loads of others, Big Star 3rd, Faust, all sorts. Love that Aphex Twin description

James Kennedy

Jim Smith Either got my Faust Tapes and Autobahn from there or Swordfish, can never remember. Such a great shop



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