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Early on, I met Bill’s friend, Bill Forsyth, another collector/dealer who’s obsession was Bob Dylan, and in 1984 “the Bills” teamed up to open a record store, Plastic Passion, at 2 Blenheim Crescent in London (just around the corner from Portobello Road.) Plastic Passion was a vinyl wonderland, a long, very narrow space with heavy wooden doors at the front, a cramped office in the back, and walls covered with records even the most sophisticated collector had rarely if ever seen before. Immediately it became the prime hang-out for local collectors, and a must-visit location for anyone traveling to London. In those pre-internet days, most serious collectors visited London periodically, and they all turned up to see “the Bills.” Read more Recordmecca blog

(Aug 3, 2012) Brian Nevill said:I meant Minus Zero - Stand Out.

(Aug 3, 2012) Brian Nevill said:The shop became Minus Zero - No Limit, with the two Bills running separate businesses divided down the middle. Unique in this sense, worthy of a book on its own. They were Bill Allerton & Bill Forsyth. Forsyth still runs a stall at the Red Lion Market on Portobello Road, Saturdays only. Before Plastic Passion was a record shop it was The Dog Shop, first 'head' shop in London.




Plastic Passion 2 Blenheim Crescent W11.

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