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I bought loads of singles here - they used to put them in their own sleeves which were white with green lettering. It used to have Pop Records and the address on the sleeve! Comment: James Murphy

Pop Records was run by a former Reading University student named Nick Duckett who went on, I believe, to promote Record Fairs and has also written a few music related books. The shop relocated to Yield Hall Place in the 1980's, under a multiple storey car park. Gone now ofcourse, subsumed along with other retailers by the giant soulless Oracle shopping centre. Excellent shop in it's day.

(June 24, 2015) They also sold via mail order and advertised in Sounds, NME, etc. Detailed lists were available on most collectable groups and artists and they had loads of foreign picture covers and rarities. Comment: Kevin Wareing.




Pop Records

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