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Although the Lincoln store had a distinct chain feel the staff were really good. Without prompting they saved and gave me any Kinks promos and promo lit that came there way. They also gave me the interview double album that was promoting Elvis Costello's 'Imperial Bedroom' album - which if I recall was autographed. Comment: Russell Smith.

(Apr 21, 2014) Mel Vickers said:I worked for Prides. Firstly at the Newark branch starting just after they moved to the St. Marks Lane address. The owners were Mario & Lynne McCafferty. The Lincoln branch was the second store to open and I then became manager at Newark. Once the Grimsby store opened I became Mario's back up and spent time travelling between the 3 stores. We also had a store at Grantham for a brief time.

I worked at Pride in Grimsby in 84/85.
After I left I helped out every now and then....didn't get paid cash, but got an album for each day i worked..!!!
Guy Carling
Another of my haunts from the family holiday of August 1986, the one 12" single I bought is worth a fortune now, sadly only visited once but would have loved to have gone back! Martyn Cain (2022)




Pride Lincoln, Newark & Grimsby Image Steve Panter

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