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Name: Jogon
Comment: I seem to recall my peer group (I was born in 1960) hanging around a record shop diagonally opposite The Fforde Grene pub at Harehills. Was it Scene & Heard? Early 1970s.

Name: Jim
Comment: I remember a record shop on the short parade at the other side of Roundhay Road to The Fforde Grene, which I believe was called Project Records. I once bought a good condition second-hand copy of Johnny Shines' Last Night's Dream LP, Blue Horizon, there, which is now apparently worth a substantial sum of money. I still have it, but it's a good 'un, and won't be parting with it.

Comment: Yes, it was called Project. Possibly with striped blue and white paper bags. It sold second-hand records, the price depending upon the condition of the record (which you could examine). The biggest problem was that they stuck a big sticker on the top right of the front with the price and when you tried to peel this off, it took half the record cover off with it! I can remember trying to touch-up my copy of Paranoid with a felt-tip pen!!

Name: Glenn Drury
Comment: Yes, Project Records, I used it a lot when in need of beer money or gigs. It always seemed to have several copies of Strictly Personal.

The last record I bought there was Gloria b/w My Generation live with John Cale. Great days.
(4 May 2015)




Roundhay Road Leeds / West Yorkshire
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