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My personal favourite though was Projection Records in Clifftown Road, run by Barry Martin,a blues enthusiast who a little later became guitarist of The Hamsters. They used to specialise in avant garde jazz albums, as well as stocking all the latest punk and post-punk releases. It was the place I first heard Crass' 'Feeding The 5000' playing in the shop, the record that probably changed my life, and put a stop to my Socialist Worker selling. My big regret though was not buying Joy Divison's 'Warsaw' 12" because at £2.99 I thought it was a bit too expensive....Comment: Quercusrobur

(April 12, 2015) I frequented many of stores throughout essex and projection was one such ,they had a store in old leigh,by the peterboat pub,upstairs Barry ran an early mail order record label i was allowed up there in about 1977 as i had a Fanzine called Waves and he brought a copy of me,said they were running a record label called opal from there and he was really excited that Brian eno had been in and was looking to release on it,downstairs used to sell all kinds stuff hippy bits furnishings rugs and home bits,a shop run by a music lover and record fan ,but well ahead in business outlook really nicest guy. Comment: David Malone

( September 2, 2015) I remember Projection records well from the mid/late 70's. Particularly the shop in old Leigh as described avove. I bought loads of jazz stuff and I remember they stocked the Shandar record label. They also sold ECM from direct purchase from Germany at half the price recommended by Virgin Records. An early home for Steve Reich and Terry Riley. I remember the other guy who worked there Dave Lawrence who was heavily into the more avant garde/jazz and experimental stuff. Comment: John Tweddell.

I spent a good percentage of my 6th form at Southend High hanging out at Projection Records with my mates chatting with Barry. I really broadened my musical taste in there - he stocked all kinds of eclectic albums and had an encyclopaedic knowledge ... and his stories were fascinating. There was also a separate shop with a connecting door that sold punk and new wave clothing. I got my regulation black and red hopped mohair jumper there. What was that shop called?
John Lyons




8 Queens Road Leigh-on-Sea / Essex
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