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Possibly one of the best record shops in Berkshire in the late 70s/early 80s. I should know because I worked there. The shop was blessed, if you were a customer, or cursed, if you were a member of staff, with staff with wildly varying tastes that ran from dub reggae to heavy metal, electronic/ambient and punk/new wave. I was responsible for buying most of the punk/oi/rockabilly singles, which we sold by the bucket full. Crass and Joy Division were big sellers as was the first Def Leppard 7-inch and pretty much anything by Iron Maiden. If only I'd kept a copy of everything that passed through the shop. It was bloody hard work, Saturdays were manic, but fun. Sadly the shop was knocked down to make way for an open plan cafe. Comment: John Blaney
When Quicksilver went out of business it became Lazer Records for a brief time before becoming Listen Records around 1982 or 83.

A blast from our past John ...I remember you well Mr.Beatle ...Neil

(Jan 25, 2014) Peter Colton said:Hey the best shop by a mile... I was the first Manager.. Neil and Kevin got me out of Derek's Records at the end of Friar Street.. Great days indeed...

Ricky Gervais recalls buying his first record Roxy Music ' Do The Strand' 1973 Although he does not recall the name of the shop It was at the top of the escalator in the Buts centre which had lave lamps and coloured light bulb for sale. My guess it is was this shop but if any knows otherwise let me know.

Name RICHARD ROWLAND Comment: Hi There ,really great reading back about Quicksilver and seeing the photos. It was without a doubt the must-go to store for me in 79/80/81' . I would listen to Soul/Jazz-Funk DJ Robbie Vincent on a saturday lunchtime and then rush up to Quicksilver in the afternoon to buy the latest ' Import '12 inch & albums i had heard on his show. Always a fine selection of Genres, but i would be mostly interested in the Soul ,Jazz ,Funk & Roots Reggae. Along with 'Knights'Record Store in Caversham ,it's the store that holds the sweetest memories ,in my influential years . Thanks (February 17,2107)

I worked there from '79-'92..height of the punk era..these pics are from a PA by The Skids..which was on my day off..we also had PA's by Motorhead (twice) Saxon (twice or 3 times) Hawkwind..Killing Joke and a few others..Donny Osmond came in once with a rep as did Shakin Stevens..Donny was the nicest person you will ever was without doubt the best job I will ever have in terms of job satisfaction..although I took it for granted at the time!..another weird experience was when I was putting up a display for the first Bon Jovi american woman walked in while I was doing it and said 'I know that guy he's my best frien ds son..she owns a flower shop in New Jersey'..I thought she was maybe a nutter but a few years later I was standing next to JBJ at a gig at The Marquee and the only thing I asked him was wether his mum ever owned a flower shop..'Yes she did'.
Mick Hare

I think Ricky is getting his y fronts in a twist ! He is confused with But Is it Art ! dereksnow that was a blast ,the skids came as they were playing down at Bones that night and I got on the guest list thanks to Stuart Adamson and the band bought me a pint .... of coke! Great memories of the store bought my copy of police and thieves by Jnr Mervin on the back of the clash! My mate Skully worked there or a time as well.
Dizzy Cooke

Was this in a shopping mall and was there a buyer who was a bit cider bonkers. Biker type of bloke but hilarious. Also what was the shop in smelly alley?
Phil Gibbs

Mr Blaney you must have had a great time working at Quicksilver Records at such a time. I remember you at Emmbrook School(?) and imagined you destined for a career in the City! Just goes to show.... Thanks for letting us know what happened to Quicksilver. I wonder if you still have anything to do with music, and that you're keeping well.
Graham Franklin


Dave Harwood
20 Nov 2023 at 02:25
I found this classified advert in the 'Reading Evening Post' dated 29th December 1978: “DUE TO EXPANSION, SALES TRAINEE required for Record Shop. O-level standard maths and English. Basic salary plus bonus. Applications in writing to Personnel Manager, QUICKSILVER RECORDS, THE BUTTS CENTRE, READING.”
Joe Withers
02 Feb 2024 at 09:42
I remember going to Quicksilver Records on Saturdays in the late 1970s and early 1980s, and rummaging through tons of punk and new wave LPs. I distinctly remember queueing up outside to buy The Clash's 'London Calling' on the day it was released in late 1979. Sometimes I would pop across to the Swiss Chalet bakery and buy an apple doughnut - Happy days indeed!


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