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From their website:

Quicksilver Music is an Independent Music Shop, established in 2009, in Southport, Merseyside. We sell Used & New Vinyl, Cd’s, books & Dvd’s, specialising mainly in classic rock related titles from the 1960s’ & 70s’. Alongside this we also sell used guitars, and framed music posters and albums.


Richie Richie
11 Jul 2023 at 08:52
I was introduced to Quicksiver Record Store in Southport when I was a support worker and the guy who I was supporting asked if I’d take him there, he lived in Ormskirk. Just like myself he was a big music fan so I was very happy to accommodate his wishes. Although I’d been to Southport many times I was unaware of Quicksilver and what a joy it was to visit the shop for the first time and I was being paid for it! Quicksilver is owned by Dave a very agreeable guy who I’ve bought lots of albums from and traded a lot of albums also, in exchange for more albums and cash. Dave’s shop stocks mainly used LPs, you’ll find Folk, Rock, Psychedelia, Punk from the 60’s to the present day. Quicksilver also stocks a good selection of new releases, pre-owned CDs and box sets, books and music mags. I’ve also seen guitars hanging on the walls. I would recommend this shop to anyone who lives on Merseyside, I make a 50+ mile round trip every time I visit and it’s worth it.



24 Market Street Southport / Merseyside
1 King Street. Southport /


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