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All you town and city dwellers have no idea how difficult it was growing up in the back of beyond in the 70s and trying to get hold of your favourite sounds. I lived in Kilkeel Co Down in Northern Ireland and my uncle Jim saw a gap in the local (very tiny) market and began to stock vinyl in his bicycle shop - Quinns Cycles. So my early browsing music days are tinged with a fond memory of the lovely smell of bicycle rubber! Ahhh. You had to order and wait a week for your treasure to arrive in a crisp brown paper bag. Bike and music what a great combination! Comment: Abajayboo


Dave Harwood
26 Feb 2024 at 08:54
I found this picture caption in the 'Belfast Newsletter' dated 6th September 1988: “Ivan Knox tries sitting on a vintage bicycle at Quinn’s cycle stand at the trade exhibition in Kilkeel yesterday. With him are JIMMY QUINN, Mrs Ann Hanna and her son Seamus.”
… and this advert in the 'Belfast Newsletter' dated 23rd July 1994: “J. P. QUINN CYCLES, No.1 For Marin Mountain Bikes, 4-6 Bridge Street, Kilkeel, Co. Down. Tel: (06937) 62654.”



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