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Phil Wight Rae Macintosh in George Street, Edinburgh had a large record dept in a sub-basement, and a large instrument and music shop on the ground floor. Manager of the record dept was an old jazzer called Robin, who once he got to know you always addressed you as 'man' (as in 'hey man listen to this') - spent a few bob in there on jazz and blues LPs in the 70s. Still in business in a different location, much smaller and no record department now - Robin long gone sadly.............he was a really nice and helpful guy

I served my apprenticeship in the piano workshop of Rae Mac's and after national service, rose to the position of Piano and Organs sales manager. Robin was a terrific friend of mine, and he and his wife Molly, took me under their wing in my younger days in Edinburgh, and we remained close friends until his death.
Donald Matheson




Rae Macintosh George Street, Edinburgh
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