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Was trying to remember the name of the shop in Stockport where I bought a stack on Minit albums including Ernie K Doe last week - then this reminded me it was Ralph's. I got copies of We Sing The Blues and others from there circa 1976. Comment: Tony Burke.

(Aug 29, 2014) Pete Chappell said:Remember both these shops in Manchester and Stockport.
I'm from Stockport and my 1st single that I bought was 'Come and get it' by Badfinger on the Apple label in 1970 from the branch on Underbank.

I was always in Manchester around Victoria station mainly to get the 'Football Special' trains following Man United everywhere.

I used to always pop in 'Ralph's Records' at 3 Corporation St and I remember buying my 1st 'US' Northern Soul import by Bob Relf 'Blowing my Mind to Pieces' on the yellow Trans-Atlantic label. I've still got it..
You could always get rare imports from that particular shop in Manchester but no so much the branch in Stockport.

(July 16, 2014) JULIE GARDNER said:I am trying to remeber the name of the record shop on Princess ST stockport in the 70s. and it wasnt Sifters. Any ideas?

I worked at Ralph’s when the Stax tour came to Manchester
. They all came into Ralph’s, we went to the show and then on to Rails on Cross St. What a mind blowing time.

Michelle Brown


Pauol Mlynarz
27 Feb 2024 at 05:53
Never had too much money for records but browsed a lot, as I worked at CWS across the road.

Scraped up the cash to buy one of my favourite LPs - London Swings 'Live At The Marquee Club' featuring Jimmy James & The Vagabonds and The Alan Bown Set.
Dave Harwood
27 Feb 2024 at 02:52
I found this advert in the 'Manchester Evening News' dated 8th October 1970:
“RALPH'S RECORDS Todd Street / Corporation Street, Manchester requires Female Assistant (15-16). Tel: 834 5840 for interview.”
… and this piece in the 6th July 1973 edition:
“The two specialist shops in Manchester are Ralph’s Records, Victoria Station and the Spin Inn on Cross Street.”



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