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Dave Harwood
27 Mar 2024 at 02:23
I found this piece in the 'Brentwood Gazette' dated 26th August 1993: “IF ever you’re walking past Brentwood Arcade in the High Street and hear the sound of pulsating dance music it’s not Brentwood’s latest night spot but Rascal Records. The specialist music shop may only have been open for three months but already its owner, 19-year-old Joel Weston, has high hopes for a thriving retail business and his own record label. At a time when fewer record shop chains stock vinyl his small shop sells nothing else. Dance and chart music are his specialities. Joel, from Hutton Mount, said: “I noticed how well dance music was going down and I thought there would be a market for it.” And, with business getting better all the time, he’s inviting anyone who thinks they may have a talent to give him a sample of their music.”



32 Southernhay SS14 1EL Basildon / Essex
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