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As a kid in the 70s the place for me was Reaction Records in New Brighton. I saved up my school dinner money and got the train there every Saturday to buy a second hand LP or two. The guys who worked there were really cool and always had ideas as to what I should listen to, this was pre-punk, so Hawkwind, Gong, Groundhogs, Man etc. Other favourites over the years: Tony L

It used to be the best Record shop in the North West with a great Hawkwind section new and used, you could guarantee that you would always find something rare or unusual in Reaction. I remember seeing Hawkwind in there on a couple of occasions when on tour they always used to stop off to sign records and meet the fans. I recall them being in the shop around 81-83 Dave, Huw, Harvey and Martin Griffin line up, i got a live 79 single signed that day by the band. I also remember seeing Trevor Hughes in there quite alot.

Yes I remember Reaction records an aladins cave of a record shop those were the days. Talking about Trevor Hughes he used to sell his fanzine at all the gigs on tours i think the last time i saw him was on the 2002 tour. Above to comments from the Hawkwindforum

(Mar 8, 2013) Mark said:I also remember seeing Hawkwind in Reaction too this was 1981-I think.I recall browsing through the records when they appeared behind the counter.Truth be told I didn't know who the guys were....shame on me!! Reaction for me was a second home as a deaf person struggling to adjust to the outside world after leaving deafschool ,the owners were always friendly and willing to part-exchange the albums I bought from them for something different time and again.I forget their names but wish them well.

Peter Robinson 'Reaction Records started off at the bottom of Victoria Road, New Brighton, then in around '81 moved further up the Road at the corner of Windsor Street (where Trevor Hughes lived in the flat above), then around '89 it moved to Hardman Street, Liverpool, but didn't make much business and was always getting burgled. It last until around '93 then closed up for good. The two guys who worked there were both called Rob. One of them died around 15 years ago due to diabetic problems.
I would often go in there as a kid and look through the metal, punk, rock sections on a Saturday. Their prices were cheap, which was handy for a kid with only poctet money to spend. I know they had Hawkwind in the shop a few times, as well as Roy Harper, Robert Plant (Led Zeppelin), Keith Moon (The Who) were known to have dropped in too. Also, it's been purported that Andy McCluskey (OMD) shopped there too!
This was when Victoria Road was a cool place to be. Pity it's gone shit since the 90's. Good memories, Happy times!'. (May 10, 2016)

Eve Mackinnon "Great shop!! Sadly missed. Those guys who worked there, Rob and Rob, really did know about their music!! I actually have a photo of the shop .'" (April 12, 2016)

Name Abigail Bagnall:Comment Reaction was the BEST place for experimenting with music - I was often in there rooting through the racks. So much more exciting and unpredictable than the usual "new stock" stores. I discovered Todd Rundgren there whilst searching for Rush, found Groundhogs, Gong, Can and even Pink Fairies. Better still, it was the coolest place for people watching... 😊 ( August 17, 2016).

​Name Tim Doyle Comment: I was great friends with Robbie Roberts from this shop, he got me into the Grateful Dead and Mighty Baby Sadly he died some years ago but I still think of him often Some great days spent there listening to music and grooving lol. ( Sept 5, 2016).
Name Mike Black Comment: The artwork on their bags was designed by Steve 'Fester' Lester, he lived near the bottom of Victoria Road for a while. Sadly Steve is no longer with us. I practically lived in R.R. It was the place that opened my mind to the infinite possibilities of music. (Jan 16, 2017)

Name Mr Metalhead Comment: I remember Reaction Records very well. I used to go there from age 11 to 14. The 2 Robs where cool guys and very helpful. They would play Slayer for me when I walked in :). I remember Robbie Robbo was a big Grateful Dead and The Rolling Stones fan. He was bit of a genius too, with a photographic memory. He could even remember the catalogue number for any record and the day it was released. He was a good artist too. Shame he died :(. I saw Yozzer, who was a member of the local Metal band Engine, there a few times.
Here's a fact that not many people know, that Punk fans might find interesting: the other Rob (the guy with the mustache on the photo below) is the brother of Faebhean Kwest who was the guitarist from the controversial Punk band The Raped — who later became the Glam-Rock band Cuddly Toys, who are most renowned for the release of the single "Madman", a song written by David Bowie and Marc Bolan shortly before Bolan's death, which reached No. 3 in the UK Indie Chart. (February 25, 2017)
Knew both the Rob's very well,lived in flat bellow Robbie in Oxton,I ran Munchies Cafe next to Reaction,when they moved to Hardman St I had the Blue Note Jazz Cafe in the back and upstairs of Reaction,these guy's had so much knowledge of Music,Robbo got me listening to Gerry Garcia,cheers mate your sadly missed,was without a doubt THE place to buy great music,anyone know where Robbie is today,would love to get in touch with him,Halcian Days Indeed.

Jeff Sixmilliondollarman (Jeff looked a bit like David Bowie and rode a beast of motorbike. He was a very dodgy character liked to be under the radar).
hi i nice old days good record store but but rob with the long hair and mush is now in the nik for liking little kids lets hope he's never out
Update Rob did get out and died I hope that makes your feel better.

john jones
I bought my first Run-DMC single "My Adidas" at this shop back in 1986. Reaction Records was cool, and I miss the vibez of the old record shops.
Mary McHale
A nostalgia trip brought me here after a Google search!
I have very find memories of going to Reaction Records a couple of times a month on a Sunday afternoon when I went as a 14 year old to New Brighton with my folks. I got the first three Sabbath albums for no more than £1.75 each, all original Vertigo pressings, with 'Master of Reality' being the box version with the poster as good as new, guess this would be 1978.
They recommended I buy some Hawkwind, which I did, and there was another band I fell in love with.
Happy times.
Alan Walters

I would like copies of any photos of our shop anyone has please
Corrinna Valliere

As a kid in the 70s the place for me was Reaction Records in New Brighton. I saved up my school dinner money and got the train there every Saturday to buy a second hand LP or two. The guys who worked there were really cool and always had ideas as to what I should listen to, this was pre-punk, so Hawkwind, Gong, Groundhogs, Man etc. Other favourites over the years: Skeleton when it was still near Hamilton Sq Birkenhead, Probe when it was on Button St and Pink Moon in the Acorn Gallery (I used to work there now and again). Record shops are fine things, everyone should have one. Tony L


Barry Wilson
06 Jun 2023 at 10:11
Sad to hear Rob Roberts passed away. Still got a stack of grateful dead cassettes with his immaculate handwritten tracklisting. Talented artist also.Rip Rob. Barry
02 Sep 2023 at 06:07
I used to spend Sunday afternoons in Reaction and Rob took me to a couple of record fairs. I remember baby sitting for Corrinna, his daughter too. Is it Corrinna’s dad who passed, don’t remember the other Rob but I loved the shop



90 Victoria Road New Brighton / Merseyside
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