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Name: Walt Jones.
Comment: Peter Auerbach at Record Centre Ltd sold me all of the UK releases of The Beatles' LPs, EPs, and singles from 1964 until their breakup. I always had the tunes before anyone I knew here in the US. I never met him or even saw photos of his shop. But I'll bet I corresponded with him more frequently than my girlfriends in those years. I still remember the address. Seems that there is a clothing store there and a pizza parlour next door. Do you know of any photos of Peter or of the store? I never had a visual of him or his shop although I imagined him looking like Brian Epstein and his shop looking like something out of A Hard Day's Night.


Andrew Reed
19 Sep 2023 at 01:31
This shop was owned by the Auerbach family and they advertised the shipping of UK records to the USA in the music press. They also offered a pre-recorded cassette tapes exchange service for 50p (tapes must be in good condition). A full price pre-recorded tape was around £2 at the time. However, this service was open to abuse from dubbing and Tandy offered obscure pre-recorded American titles for 50p and so by judicious juggling, a full price chart cassette could be obtained for just £1.



11 Dugdale Street CV11 5QJ Nuneaton / Warwickshire
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