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Bought my first ever 45 from here as a 7 year old - the Union Gap's 'Young Girl'- which must have been mid-68. I remember a couple of young ladies (but way older than me!) manning the turntables.

I think it had a change of ownership a couple of years later when it became a Soul and Reggae specialist. Then bought Eric Donaldson's 'Cherry Oh Baby' in summer `71 (45 new pence) and was then a fairly frequent visitor until it moved almost entirely away from Reggae and overwhelmingly into the Soul and Disco side around `78.

Mark Griffiths

RECORD CORNER, Balham, S.W. London. Tel. 01-673 1066 is another good importer for basic oldies, but they will try and get those elusive special orders. (Out of context perhaps, but they're also red hotsoul import specialists. Record Business 1978 Rockabilly artical.




Record Corner 27 Bedford Hill, Balham, SW12

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