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Phil Wight In Edinburgh we had the much missed 'Record Exchange' (snappy name), with listening booths and a wide stock of new and used vinyl, I spent a lot of Saturday afternoons in there, wish I could go back with a pocketful of cash.........owner was another grumpy git who called every customer 'mister'...........there was another place near the Hibs Stadium just off Easter Road where I used to go to on Friday lunchtimes when I got paid. It was close enough to my work to nip along and get back in an hour - more of a junk shop but the owner must have been buying promo copies from someone as I picked up a few Blue Horizon 45s there..

Recent casualty. A very odd shop that stocked tons of easy listening mid price rubbish and the occasional gem priced in a way that suggested they had no idea. Often a good source of newly released non-mainstream or indie stuff at ridiculously low prices. Seemed to have had a copy of "Get yer ya yas out" by the Rolling stones in the window for decades. Comment: Jay kay.




Record Exchange 46 South Clerk street Edinburgh 72 Victoria Street Dundee Image Julian Hardstone

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