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Dave Harwood
09 Feb 2024 at 10:45
I found this advert in the 'Saffron Walden Weekly News' dated 18th November 1966: “RECORD FAYRE LTD are proud to announce the opening of their shop at 4 BRIDGE STREET, CAMBRIDGE at 11.00 a.m., SATURDAY, 26th NOVEMBER. Personal Appearance of DAVID JACOBS.”
… also this article in the 25th November 1966 edition: “RECORD BUYING IS A VERY PERSONAL BUSINESS - Say proprietors of new Cambridge Shop! It is for this reason that a new shop is opening in Bridge Street in an effort to cater for people interested in something more than the mere purchasing of records. It has long been felt that to achieve this, an atmosphere has to be created where records and recorded music are the main and, in fact, almost the sole consideration. RECORD FAYRE is unusual in that the proprietors feel they have a unique service to offer music lovers of all tastes, by virtue of the fact that their Managers have tried to create an environment in which the likes and dislikes of individual customers and their musical interests become important. RECORD FAYRE do not run shops aimed at any particular section of the record buying public, but consider the musical tastes of their customers, be they classical, operatic, light music, or pop, to be their first consideration. Mr Woolrich, who will be managing the new Cambridge branch, has been with the firm since its inception and has considerable experience in all kinds of music. RECORD FAYRE are proud to consider themselves one of the few Companies whose shops allow music lovers to browse at leisure in modern spacious surroundings, with fine reproduction equipment on which to hear the records of their choice. Customers are encouraged to discuss their preferences and problems with staff who are not dealing with the sale of other varied articles, but who are specialists in all forms of recorded music. Here is a record shop designed and built specifically to fulfil these objectives. RECORD FAYRE have gained experience from their successful shops at Northwood in Middlesex, Finchley in North London and their associate Company, Carousel in Bedford, and they hope to bring their knowledge and experience to the people of Cambridge.”



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