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I used to browse the record racks (downstairs) in my lunch break from Croydon College in 1966 and bought the first 2 Lovin' Spoonful albums there. Not sure when it closed. Comment: Dave Harwood.

​Phone book search results for ‘Record Greetings’ at 77 George Street, Croydon showed it was open from 1961 to at least 1983 (online records only go up to 1984). Comment: Dave Harwood

Often dropped in here while at Croydon College. He always had a huge stock of deleted LPs (sleeves snipped or pierced), and I remember buying several jazz albums and a Mamas & Papas platter there.
Jeremy Isaac

Drives up George Street towards E. Croydon station and, ‘Record Greetings’ (just after the m/c goes past in the opposite direction).


Dave Harwood
11 Jun 2023 at 08:57
The comment above refers to a YouTube video at this link:
... which shows a bus journey from an art shop in St. George's Walk, Croydon up George Street towards East Croydon, passing 'Record Greetings' on the way.
Dave Harwood
27 Jul 2023 at 07:58
A search of the British Newspaper Archive website found an article about the opening of Record Greetings:
ONE of London's largest greeting cards and gramophone record shops has opened at 77 George Street - Croydon's main shopping area. Known as the Record Greetings Shop, it is a new venture by 33-year-old Mr. Graham Noakes, managing director of a city printing firm. The shop offers a range of greetings cards to suit everybody's tastes, and in addition, the basement has been made into a gramophone record shop, with two acoustic booths and three audition rooms.
(Croydon Times, Friday 23rd June 1961)



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