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It is interesting where records end up from point of origin. I found this stamped on the inter sleeve of a Joni Mitchell album Ladies Of The Canyon from a charity shop in East Dulwich London.

(March 24, 2015) I was hoping for a pic of the shop when I randomly Googled 'Red House Records'I knew the owner, Nick Clarke very well - he threw great parties at Red House. After closing the shop he moved to Paris (where he also threw great parties)Very, very sadly he died in 88/89.Lovely guy. Comment: Debby Robinson.

(April 14, 2015) I remember Red House well as a teenager hunting down interesting albums from the record shops of Cambridge. For some reason I associate it with Eat a Peach by the Allman Brothers! My hand must have hovered over that album in the shop (I never owned a copy though). Rob Webb

Spent a lot of time in Red House chatting to Nick. Never knew his last ‚Äčname ! He organized gigs at the Anchor pub in early 70's for Eddie Burns also Lightnin' Slim & Whispering Smith ( i played Blues 45's during interval & looked after the Jack Daniels for the artists !)Anyone any idea of the dates of the gigs ??? Nick was indeed a Lovely guy. RIP Comment: Dave Luxton.

Bought a album from Minster records, beverley-Hatfield and the north. The inner was stamped with the red House record label, in red and googled it. To whoever may concern, thank you sooo much for looking after a near mint record?!
Is the shop still going or did someone take it over? Rrrrrrrrrrredhouse, would have loved to have joined in 'a party'...
Paul Ramsay

Red House was the place to be - and to be seen when I was a youngster.

We used to listen stuff on the headphones in Red House - and then go to buy it from Andy's stall in the market... thereby saving 5 pence per album

Paul Mooney

I remember the Red House advert in the uni rag mag early seventies. It was a crude picture of a Mickey Mouse head on a stick, with the line 'Come to Red House Records and get a large wooden dildo shoved up your bum'. Unfortunately, I didn't have a record player.

Martin Phillips


Jon Chapman
14 Jan 2024 at 09:05
I spent hours in Red House in the mid-70's as a student, and even bought some records. I still have quite a few from that time: Nektar, Deke Leonard, Gary Shearston, Man, Joni Mitchell. A great shop where you could always find something a bit different. Now living back in Cambridge, I walk past the old place frequently - it is a lively second hand bookshop now.



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