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There was The Rediffusion Shop on the corner of Tentercroft St and the High St near the bus station and hence was a good stopping off place before heading home. It was like Spouges and sold electrical goods in the front and the records were at the back. It was quite atmospheric and a definate hark back to the past. If memory serves it was the last shop in Lincoln to have working listening booths. It had a great bargain bin, which again if memory serves again was a roundular in the middle of the shop. I'm not sure when it closed it was still there in the late '70s as I recall picking up 'Wreckless Eric' 10" on brown vinyl there. One abiding memory is buying the Kinks single 'Apeman' from the afore mentioned bargain bin. Comment: Russell Smith .

(Dec 17, 2013) Paul Devereux said:
I bought my first Gordon Lightfoot album from this shop. I remember looking enviously at 'The History of Motown' box set up on a high shelf and thinking how many weeks wages I would need to buy it. I never owned it.

(Aug 12, 2013) ian mitchell said:yes i ran a mobile disco in the 70's and bought all my records from there every saturday



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